Wireline Services Grande Prairie

Wireline Services in Grande Prairie

Drilling and operating oil and gas wells are not simple tasks that could be done by any person. Well-trained and experienced personnel often are chosen to do the task because of the cost and risks associated with the job.

Drilling the well is just the start of the many tasks that need to be documented well by oil and gas companies. Once the well is operational for commercial purposes, there are many monitoring, maintenance, and improvement works that are done throughout its lifetime.

Through all the stages of the work in oil and gas wells, wirelines and slicklines are used to help the people who work in the rigs and wells. People cannot always go down underground, and the depth necessitates the use of special equipment for proper assessment of the wellbore. The good news? There are companies like Swab Pro that are equipped to provide wireline services in Grande Prairie.

When Wireline Services Become Necessary

Assessments are done prior to recommending any action for maintenance or repair work in an oil and gas well. Such work normally necessitates the use of wireline in order to lower tools and equipment into the well or gather information about the conditions in the wellbore. Another use for wirelines is to fish out any broken component that is no longer needed in the wellbore and may just block the smooth flow of oil and gas.

Perhaps one of the most important tasks where wirelines are absolutely necessary is when equipment will be lowered down into the wellbore to gather data. These data are important in keeping the drilling accurate, and for operations to run smoothly. The data that are gathered in oil and gas wells do not stop after the drilling is over. Rather, it continues throughout the lifetime of the well.

Wireline Performance Requirement

Due to the highly corrosive substances in oil wells, there are very specific materials that are recommended for use as wirelines. Stainless steels containing molybdenum and nickel-chromium alloys are highly recommended for use as wirelines. In addition to the material, the following are considerations when choosing a wireline:

Must be very strong. Both slicklines and wirelines must be very strong to ensure the success of the purpose for which it is used. The lines must be able to support the weight of whatever equipment is being lowered down or brought up out of the well.

Must tolerate high temperatures and pressures. The wireline will be used possibly at great depths where the temperature and pressure can be humanly impossible to bear.

Must be corrosion resistant. The wireline must be able to withstand chemicals like hydrogen sulfide and chlorides that are common in oil wells.

Get the Advantage Now

While the proper equipment is important to have in tasks in oil and gas wells, the wirelines will not be complete without experienced and skilled personnel doing the service for you. Fortunately, there is highly experienced and trained personnel at Swab Pro that could provide wireline services in Grande Prairie.

Wireline Services Grande Prairie

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