Swabbing Grande Prairie

The Solution to Swabbing in Grande Prairie

When it comes to swabbing services, don't look further. Swab Pro 2018 Ltd. is one of the leading best service industry that provides personnel and equipment services with top quality. Our company has already established our brand which is very well credited within and around the northern part of British Columbia as well as in Alberta.

We committedly promote a safer and more environment-friendly substantial service standards in accordance with Isnetworld, Enform, and Complyworks. With this, we can ensure a more personalized approach in delivering our services and that you can assure a fully attained swabbing solution.

Our Key Services

Our team comprises a wide range of experts who are well versed and experienced in this type of industry. We collaboratively establish a team approach in resolving and performing the necessary swab options which best suit your requirements and needs. We also have the latest cleaning equipment and state-of-the-art technical facilities that fully equip us with extensive as well as vital support service attainment in the fastest time possible.

Swabbing in Grande Prairie

You can take advantage of our top services including low-pressure type of swabbing, high-pressure type, casing, and the bumper part or plunger spring holistic service. Swabbing for low-pressure types is done through the use of a rig line with one and half-length to maximize swabbing of the entire pressurized container type or vessel. This type of swabbing can accomplish rinse tubes with sizes from 2 and 3/8 hole up to 3 and ½ inch of sizes including a 4000 meters of depth and 5000 lbs weight of the entire tube.

On the other hand, swab service for high-pressure tubes includes rig line equipment at 7000 meters height with a Dyform 5/1 type line which handles greater pressure up to a maximum level of 1000 psi. In addition, it also handles a maximum pull of 3500 lbs at 8000 lbs of weight for tube lines in terms of continuous swabbing service. This is very beneficial when it comes to inline (direct or sour) and direct facilities, or p-tank types. We have all pressure gear types certified and with the band which has all 5000 psi capacity of pressure with 10000 psi double rubber type enhancement.

The bumper or plunger service comprises retrieval capacity of spring kinds as well as of stuck or the none cycling type of plunger parts. Thus, we utilize hydraulic enabled jars and of course a wide selection of pulling features and tools embedded in the rigs. In terms of case swabbing in Grande Prairie, we offer a no perforated as well as perforated enabled rig capacity for a 4 and a half to 5 and a half inches or up to 7 inches of rig capacity at 3500 meters of in-depth measurement. We also offer other types of services such as tube dewaxing, unlimited time swab service, gauge rings for multiple sizes of tubes, rig tanks, and fishing services such as stuck and bumper spring tools.

Contact Information

For further information and inquiries, you may reach the Swab Pro 2018 Ltd official web address at www.swabpro.ca or call us at 780 354 8189.

Swabbing Grande Prairie

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