Swab rigs Grande Prairie

Swab Rigs in Grande Prairie

The best way to start an argument and possibly fisticuffs is to walk into a crowd of environmental extremists and extol the virtues of fossil fuels. While some are calling for complete elimination of coal, gas, and oil in the next few decades the more sensible among us know that this is simply not possible unless we are willing to destroy our fossil fuel-based economies in Canada and the US.

The arguments continue with the topic of climate change. Globally, the trendy belief is that unless we "change our ways" the planet is doomed based on warming predicted by computer modeling. On the other extreme, there is also a growing belief by those that study the history of Arctic ice core samples, solar cycles and planetary orbits that we are descending into a new ice age.

The truth will likely fall between these two extremes, but one fact remains: for the foreseeable future we will remain dependent on fossil fuels. A procedure known as swabbing will be needed to recover water and other fluids that hinder a pumps ability to bring that "liquid gold" to the surface. Swab Pro (2018) Ltd was formed to provide services to drillers of swab rigs in Grande Prairie and Northern British Columbia in Canada.

What is Swabbing?

Swabbing is the process of removing the water and other fluids that build up in a well over time. Removing the fluids takes the pressure off the top and allows pressure from the bottom to push the crude up to the surface. The experts at Swab Pro are skilled at Low and High-pressure swabbing as well as casing swabbing, retrieval of plungers and bumper springs and dewaxing of tubing used in the drilling process.

The "art" of swabbing depends on the ability of the swab rig operator to run the rig from above ground to retrieve fluids that may be several thousand meters deep. Experienced operators will know the "feel" and sounds that indicate when the fluid levels are reached.

Low-pressure rigging is for swabbing to depths of 4,000 meters with equipment certified to 3,000 psi. High-pressure swabbing can go deeper with 7,000 meters of Dyform line with its increased resistance to breaking over "traditional" wire. The pressure gear is certified to 5,000 psi with a "double rubber 10,000 psi pressure pack off the head". This ensures a safe swabbing operation.

Robber Barons are Long Gone

One of the ploys used by environmental extremists is to convince people that oil drillers want to pollute the air and water out of pure greed on the backs of underpaid workers in unsafe conditions. This may have been true during the age of the "robber barons" of the late 19th century but today most oil drillers strive to be good stewards of the environment and offer their skilled employees a very comfortable wage.

Swab Pro complies with EnForm, Canada's oil and gas safety association, Complyworks, a global leader in compliance management, and Isnetworld, that collects health and safety, procurement, quality, and regulatory information. Safety and environmental concerns are a high priority at Swab Pro. Call Swab Pro at 780-354-8189 for more information on their services for swab rigs in Grande Prairie in Alberta, Canada.

Swab rigs Grande Prairie

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