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Your search for the best misting systems in Arizona has led you to Cool-Off’s site where you’ll find the best deals on quality misting kits for every outdoor application. If you’ve been looking for a way to save money on summer cooling costs or simply want to give your family another reason to spend time outside, our misters are ideal for hot, arid Arizona summer months. Our set-ups rapidly cool the air by as much as 20 degrees without increasing your energy bills or forcing you to stay inside all day and miss out on the fresh air and sunshine.

5 Applications For Our Misting Systems For Sale Online

1. A backyard mister can save you a lot of money each summer. A simple mister is not only cost-effective, but is also considered environmentally friendly for several reasons:

  • No harmful coolants to damage the environment
  • Reduce energy costs by lowering daytime air conditioning indoors
  • Many of the materials used in making a mister are recyclable

2. Cool off any outdoor location with our best water cooling systems. Misters are versatile, therefore, can be used anyplace outside of your home, be it near your pool deck, close to the patio, near the garden, or around your grilling spot- misting systems in Arizona can even be used at commercial locations, such as cafes or warehouses. At Cool-Off, we tell our customers they are only limited to their imagination.

3. Our outdoor water misting equipment can make entertaining guests more enjoyable. Of course, one of the greatest benefits of using a mister is reducing the outdoor temperature during searing hot summer days. With an affordable mister, a 100 degree day can quickly become a manageable 80 degrees when relaxing under mist.

4. Do you need a summer project for your whole family? Purchase water misting accessories and parts from Cool-Off and we'll provide all the support you need along the way. With an affordable misting set-up, your family can keep down the rising costs of electricity by designating time out-of-doors each day, during which time your air conditioner can be turned off while you enjoy cool, comfortable mist while reading, relaxing, playing games, or socializing.

5. The best misting systems double as pest control equipment. Do you typically stay indoors due to flying inspects, such as mosquitos, flies, or gnats? You may be surprised to learn that Cool-Off’s misting systems in Arizona can keep flying pests at bay since fine mist makes it impossible for them to crash your party. Misters are the safest way to control pests in the summer months.

Misters are a lot of fun for family and guests of all ages; in fact, the young and the young at heart alike will enjoy the feeling of cool mist gently brushing against the skin and keeping the temperature situation well under control. Everyone loves gathering under Cool-Off’s misting nozzles to get relief from Arizona’s signature dry heat.

Are you having trouble getting your family to turn off the electronics and spend more time talking with one another? With our best misting systems, your patio will become your new hot spot in the backyard once it’s discovered that there’s actually a way to enjoy the great outdoors without having to deal with unbearable temperatures. Stay home this summer, save money, and stay cool all day with one of the best misting systems in Arizona from Cool-Off. Reach out to our experts at 800-504-6478 with any questions about our supplies.

misting systems Arizona

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