Air Conditioner Repair Saskatoon

Air Conditioner Repair Saskatoon

With the summer heat in full swing, and temperatures in some cities of Canada reaching up to 49 Degrees Celsius, a well maintained and properly functioning air conditioning system is a must. Whether it is your house, or your workplace here are a few Air conditioning service tips that can help you with your ac repair, so that you can relax in the luxury of AC, even in this heat. 

A few tips for manual at-home central AC repair maintenance:

1) In the case where your AC is providing insufficient cooling or you are not satisfied with the cooling:

  • Lower your AC's temperature: Test your air conditioner’s cooling by lowering the temperature by 3-5 Degrees and see if it gets any better.
  • Clean the air filter or replace it with a new one: Over time, the air filters of air conditioners get clogged, due to which the air conditioner is not able to sufficiently cool the room with the same temperature, and a lower temperature is required to get the same amount of cooling.
  • Clean the evaporator coil: A clogged or dirty coil can also cause a hindrance in the way your ac operates, so try carefully cleaning the evaporator coil on your ac with a brush nozzle vacuum, and then observe if the cooling gets any better.

2) In the case, where your AC’s condenser is not working:

  • Check the system calibration and temperature on the thermostat: This may sound unnecessary but sometimes an AC can fail to provide sufficient cooling due to, a human operating error in system calibration from "cool" to "heat" or the setting of temperature.
  • Check the power and breaker circuit: A dripped breaker circuit or the unplugging of the condenser can result in the condenser’s operating failure.

3) In case your ac is working in short cycles:

  • Cleaning the Air conditioner: If such a situation persists, try thoroughly cleaning your air conditioner, from its windpipe to the evaporation coil and air condenser, clean it all thoroughly.

4) Your AC is providing warm air instead of cool air:

  • Check the temperature and thermostat settings.
  • Clean the condenser: A clogged condenser can result in the expulsion of warm air from the AC, hence if you are facing this issue try cleaning the condenser of your AC for improved functioning of the AC.

If you have tried these tricks and tips for your air conditioner and still the issue persists and you are not satisfied with your air conditioner's cooling then, contact a leading HVAC service provider in Saskatoon, such as REC plumbing. We are a highly experienced and professional Heating and air in Saskatoon service provider. We get the job done expertly and in the most affordable process. We have worked with several famous companies in Canada such as RUUD, Napoleon, Webstone, amongst several others, and have gained quite a good reputation for ourselves, due to our top-of-the-line, high-quality services.

Contact us: Looking for the best air conditioner repair in Saskatoon? Contact us at REC plumbing and get a free estimate:


Air Conditioner Repair Saskatoon
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