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Swabbing Services in Grande Prairie

It is quite natural for gas and oil wells to produce fluid throughout its lifetime. However, production falls off when water goes above the oil or gas line, hence the need to "swab" these fluids off the production zone. The process is easily accomplished by machines specially designed to do the job. Fortunately, there are many companies like Swab Pro that are available to do swabbing services in Grande Prairie.

Why Swabbing is Necessary

Liquids accumulate in the well and it does, the pressure of the reservoir goes down and this is accompanied by the decrease in the velocity of the fluid in the well. This necessitates the removal of fluid from the well, and swabbing is one of the options to do this.

The process of swabbing involves the removal of six barrels of fluid out of the well. As these fluids are taken out of the well, the hydrostatic pressure on the bottom hole then pushes the gas and/or oil up the well.


One of the biggest benefits of fluid removal is the extension of the productive life of the well. There may also be improvements in the gas production rates that are tied to the extension in the life of the well.

Another benefit of doing swabbing is that it allows the operators to avoid a blowdown. Blowdown is the process of venting gas from a production well. When swabbing is done, a gas that would otherwise be vented can instead be sold and turned into money.

An added benefit to avoiding a blowdown is one that is always well-received by environmentalists - avoidance of harmful emissions to the atmosphere. Part of what is vented in a blowdown is methane, which is bad for people but is emitted into the atmosphere whenever a blowdown is done.

Lastly, the resulting effect of swabbing is one that requires fewer remedial treatments and one that will cost far less in terms of maintenance costs. This results in greater efficiency for the operator of the well.

How To Choose a Service Provider

Well-trained personnel. It is important to remember that the work still happens in an oil well. As such, the person who will do the work must be well-trained to do the work. There are standards and safety measures to observe to keep all the stakeholders safe.

Possesses proper equipment. There are different swab rigs that may be used, but what is important is for the service provider to know when and how to use each type.

Logging. Logging documents the runs that will be done during swabbing. In addition to documentation, the logs could show line speed, location, depth, where the fluid is found, and load indicator. The said data are important to have to avoid guesswork.

Properly Assess and Act Now

Monitoring of the production curve is one sure way to get early indicators of liquid build-up in gas wells. When there is a liquid build-up, the data will show an erratic and declining production curve. From such an early indicator, one can then evaluate the production efficiency of the well.

Once it has been determined that the revenue from increased production far outweighs the cost of swabbing, act immediately and call swabbing services in Grand Prairie.

Swabbing Services Grande Prairie

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